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The key to success for any strategy is the ability to consistently execute it. No matter how brilliant the strategy, it still must be executed. Poor execution undermines even the most brilliant strategy. Implementation support tools provide the bridge from new learning to application. Tools provide the end-user with the needed support to confidently move forward towards implementing meaningful changes that makes a difference in the workplace.

Operations Manuals:

Interviewing Secrets of World-Class Retailers

Learn the secrets of world-class retailers on how they consistently hire the right employees, which results in a higher level of job performance while reducing turnover.

Operations manual includes 15-implementation support tools:

1. Pre-interview checklist
2. Interview format checklist
3. Position description
4. Candidate competency profile
5. Job application red flag checklist
6. Legal questions: Do’s & Don’ts
7. Job application
8. Reading body language checklist

9. Behavior-based questions*
10. Competency note page
11. Applicant release form

12. Post-interview checklist
13. Competency-based scoring system
14. Interview summary worksheet
15. Phone reference checklist

* Interview booklet includes 24-competency drive, behavior-based questions and scoring system

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