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The $474 Billion U.S. petroleum/convenience industry is under attack by the likes of U.S. mass merchandisers, price clubs, large grocery store chains, and home improvement centers, not to mention foreign companies like Luk Oil (Russia), Family Mart Company (Japan), Tesco (Britain), and Avlon (Israel), to name a few.

By 2007 hypermarkets are expected to grow to 6,800 locations and capture a fuels market share of 15.5%. This increase in fuels market share is coming at the expense of the individual owner-operator who does not enjoy the same pricing economies of scale possessed by these 800lb. gorillas.

So what’s the small business owner/operator to do: throw up their hands in frustration and give up or fight back? With increasing competitive pressures, both conventional and unconventional, the time has come to level the playing field.

This seminar will help the small business operator fight back the competition regardless of their size and thrive in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. How to identify competitors: Loose Bricks.
  2. How to apply: Martial Arts Leveraging: using the hypermarkets strengths against them.
  3. How to conduct & analyze Competitive Benchmarking.
  4. How to develop a unique P.O.D. – Point of Differentiation.
  5. How to leverage & optimize each of your customers Moments of Truths.
  6. How to measure success.

Who Should Attend:

  • Owners – CEO’s – Presidents
  • Marketing personnel
  • Training personnel
  • Field supervisors
  • Store managers

Seminar Format:

  • Half or full-day
  • Team-based
  • Highly interactive & participatory
  • Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video, exercises & lecture
  • Best practices sharing
  • Case studies
  • Participant Personal Action Plan
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