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Are your employees salespeople or order-takers?

How many of your customers walk out of your business everyday without ever being asked by your employees for an additional sale, or pointing out the cost savings of a current promotion?

What if you could make an additional sale to only one out of every three customers that came into your business. The positive impact on your bottom-line would be significant. After all, isn’t that the job of your employees?

So why doesn’t it consistently happen? Most employees, supervisors and even management lack the salesmanship skills and confidence to interact with your customers in a selling situation. And as a result, both you and your customers lose out.

The biggest opportunity to increase store sales and the most underutilized is employee selling.  Suggestive selling if done correctly is one of the best forms of customer service.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. How to read a customer purchase.
  2. How to identify related – tie-in sales.
  3. The differences between product benefits & features.
  4. How to sell from the customer’s perspective.
  5. How to sell the sizzle.

Who Should Attend:

  • Marketing personnel
  • Training personnel
  • Field supervisors
  • Store managers
  • Store employees

Seminar Format:

  • Half or full-day
  • Team-based
  • Highly interactive & participatory
  • Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video, exercises & lecture
  • Best practices sharing
  • Case studies
  • Participant Personal Action Plan
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