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Why would anyone want to work for your business? What makes you a more desirable employer than your competitors?

How you answer these questions is critical since it will set the course for your employee retention and employee recruiting efforts.

The ability to attract and retain top-notch employees is critical to business success. In today’s highly competitive labor market, new, innovative, and unconventional strategies are required to attract the best employees.

The most effective employee recruiting strategies require legwork not money. For your recruiting and retention strategies to be successful, they must be developed from the employee’s perspective: W.I.I.F.M.: What’s In It For Me.

Best-in-class organizations understand that to be successful in employee retention and recruiting you must approach it from an employee mindset as opposed to a business management mindset.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. How to develop a community network pipeline.
  2. How to put non-fee based employment agencies to work for you.
  3. How to partner with agencies for the fastest growing generational segment: Senior Citizens.
  4. How to develop cost-effective referral programs among your: * Employees, * Vendors, * Customers
  5. Strategies & tactics for long-term employee retention.

Who Should Attend:

  • Owners – CEO’s – Presidents
  • HR personnel
  • Training personnel
  • Field supervisors
  • Store managers

Seminar Format:

  • Half or full-day
  • Team-based
  • Highly interactive & participatory
  • Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video, exercises & lecture
  • Best practices sharing
  • Case studies
  • Participant Personal Action Plan
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