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Tired of hiring an employee only to discover they quit in a week?

Have you ever felt like kicking yourself for hiring an employee you thought would be great but now find yourself having to fire them?

Lets face it, your biggest headaches that burn you out the most and prevent you from having dinner more often with your family are most often employee related.

Your ability to deliver superior customer service, create customer loyalty, make more money, and have more balance in your life with less stress, hinges on the quality of the employees you hire. And were not just talking about getting someone to show up for work.

Think about how your employees make your customers feel. Sadly, most businesses and management spend more time researching what new coffee maker to purchase than what employee to hire. And in the end, what has more impact on your customers: the new coffee maker or how your employees treat them?

The fact is customers stop doing business with a company because of how they are treated and the customer service they receive. Not only do the employees you hire impact your customers and whether or not you make more money, they have a direct and immediate impact on your stress level and the quality of your life.

Discover in this seminar how to put a system in place to resolve your employee challenges once and for all!

Participants Will Learn:

1. 20-emplopyee interviewing secrets of world-class businesses.
2. How to prepare for the 3-phases of the employee job interview process:
1) Pre-Interview, 2) Interview, 3) Post-interview.
3. How to detect if a job applicant is lying.
4. What questions are legal & illegal to ask: Do’s & Don’ts.
5. How to apply 15-interviewing tools to ensure a successful hire.

Who Should Attend:

• Owners – CEO’s – Presidents
• HR personnel
• Training personnel
• Field supervisors
• Store managers

Seminar Format:

• Half or full-day
• Team-based
• Highly interactive & participatory
• Blended mediums: PowerPoint, video,exercises & lecture
• Best practices sharing
• Case studies
• Participant Personal Action Plan

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