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We believe in two fundamental principals:

Improve Our Clients Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, it’s all about results; you either achieve them or you don’t. The ultimate goal is to improve our clients financial health by raising the performance levels of each and everyone of their employees. The best results occur when people stretch in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile. Results happen when employees think like owners and owners think like employees.

Changing job performance requires new habits, attitudes, and skill sets. This type of transformation takes time. And time requires a systematic approach. Job performance is a function of a system, not just any one element. Training alone is not the sole solution, but rather a component of a system. EPS is unique because we develop strategies that focus on job performance factors from an integrated-systematic approach.

Create A Workplace Where People Can Thrive:

People don’t come to work to be #1 or 2 in the market, or to get a 20% net return on assets, or to increase shareholder value – they want a sense of purpose. They come to work to get meaning from their lives. Passion motivates more than money. People perform at their best if they see a future for themselves at a company. Trust, understanding, and equity, is as important as strategy, technical and financial.


Feature Testimonial

In addition to myself, I had 100-store managers, along with 20-supervisors and 3-District Managers also attend your sessions. The all left with a feeling of “I got it now!” I call it the “a-ha affect.” Thank you for helping us better understand our workforce, and more importantly how to improve their job performance. Our customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of what you taught us.

Chris Tiller – Director of Operations – Flash Foods

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